Yard Ramps: Portable Loading Dock Ramp

Yard ramps are a heavy duty piece of material handling equipment frequently used in warehouse and commercial real estate settings.

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Yard ramps have the advantage of being portable to wherever the job requires loading or unloading of a truck or container. This comes in handy in locations where there are no built-in loading docks for forklift loading. The yard ramp can be moved into place during the loading or unloading procedure, and then be stored out of the way after the truck leaves. Many yard ramp owners also benefit from the portability by renting their equipment to nearby businesses.

Handi-Ramp yard ramp in use as a portable loading dock
Yardramp used to load semi-trailerThere are two common options for yard ramps: Ground-to-Truck and Ground-to-Dock.

Ground-to-Truck Yard Ramps

Yard ramps can be used as a portable loading dock, enabling a forklift to load and unload a semitrailer from ground level (without a permanent loading dock). This is especially useful in a circumstance where there is no existing loading dock, or when an additional loading dock is needed on a temporary basis.

Check out our case studies section to read about previous examples of customers with a variety of yard ramp needs. For temporary needs we have a program for renting yard ramps.

Ground-to-Dock Yard Ramps

Ground to Dock Yardramp ApplicationSome buildings have a loading dock when what they actually require is a drive-in door. Yard ramps are a simple and inexpensive way to convert that loading dock into a drive-in door without having to go through the expense of building a permanent concrete drive in ramp.

The fact that our ground-to-dock yard ramps are not permanently attached to your building creates several advantages over using a construction team to build a permanent ramp. We go into more depth about these advantages in the section on Ground-to-Dock Yard Ramps.

Alternatively, a Ground-to-Dock yard ramp can be combined with a portable loading platform to create a loading dock that is easier to use with multiple trucks loading or unloading in sequence than the Ground-to-Truck yard ramp.

Yard Ramp Options and Features

Handi-Ramp has the most extensive portable forklift ramp options and features. We have often taken a customer’s needs and designed a custom yard ramp for their specific use. Please call us at 1-800-876-RAMP to discuss your unique needs. Our yard ramp experts have years of experience to help you obtain the yard ramp you need with the safety features you require.

The price of a yard ramp, and the resulting flexibility and capabilities, will vary based upon three factors:

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