Handi-Ramp Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Ramps

ONLY Folding Portable Ramp In The Industry In Which Handrails Can Be Added!

Handi-Ramp’s Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Ramps are the sturdiest and easiest ramps to use in the market. Each temporary ramp for stairs has a standard 30″ width, with a weight capacity of 750 lbs., and are available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12-foot lengths.

Built with superior durability and craftsmanship, all of these aluminum wheelchair ramps fold in half for convenience and portability and feature Handi-Ramp’s exclusive non-slip, raised button surface, for excellent traction and safety.

Our 10′ and 12′ temporary ramps for stairs come standard with a removable hinge pin, aiding in transportation of the ramp.
A center support leg comes standard on the 12′ model to add stability. Plus each of the 12′ ramps center support legs
are custom fabricated to fit your specific application.

Custom sizes and capacities are also available for temporary stair ramps. For more information call one of our ramp experts at 800-876-RAMP (7267).

  • Built with superior durability and craftsmanship.
  • Highest weight capacity available for a portable ramp.
  • Exclusive non-slip raised button aluminum surface.
  • Custom sizes and capacities are available.

Model Width Length Weight Capacity
ALPR 5 30″ 5′ 41 lbs. 750 lbs.
ALPR 6 30″ 6′ 49 lbs. 750 lbs.
ALPR 7 30″ 7′ 57 lbs. 750 lbs.
ALPR 8 30″ 8′ 66 lbs. 750 lbs.
ALPR 10 30″ 10′ 82 lbs. 750 lbs.
ALPR 12 30″ 12′ 99 lbs. 750 lbs.

  • The 10′ and 12′ ramps come standard with a removable hinge pin to increase functionality and portability. This feature is available on the other ramps for a small additional charge.
  • 12′ ramp also comes with a center support leg.

Model Dimensions Price Shipping
ALPR 5 5′ x 30″ $579.97 $80.00
ALPR 6 6′ x 30″ $659.97 $95.00
ALPR 7 7′ x 30″ $699.97 $127.00
ALPR 8 8′ x 30″ $739.97 $147.00
ALPR 10 10′ x 30″ $999.97 $172.00
ALPR 12 12′ x 30″ $1,199.97 $190.00

After a long search for a product such as this you were willing to provide just what we needed.
We have placed your web page as a link on our website.

Lynda Bryd
Weiser, ID

I’m still using the ramp I bought over 25 years ago! Product is excellent, keep it up.

Jim Decker
West Chicago, IL

Outstanding, the best ramp I have had yet. The nice thing about Handi-Ramp is you are so easy to use and so easy to carry and does not pinch my fingers

Guy Reed

Works great! I use it to take along with my power chair. Great portable ramp idea can be used anywhere you go.

Linda Michels
Minneapolis, MN

Product was good for the application we used it for.

Alan Johnston
Homerville, GA

Starting at $649.95