Non Slip Stair Nosings

Stair edges can be particularly hazardous in the case of a misstep. To protect against this type of slip and fall, we have designed an aluminum non-slip stair nosing that wraps over the edge of the stair. These nosings are available in 2.75″, 6″ and 9″ widths and 30″, 36″, and 48″ lengths.

The 1 1/8″ nose flap wraps over the front of the step to provide extra traction on those slippery edges.

As with our non-slip treads, stair and ramp nosings are easily installed in less than a minute. These aluminum non-slip stair nosings are a quick and cost-effective way to drastically reduce the risk of injury from falling on slippery stairs.

The five standard color choices include: plain aluminum, powder coated black, powder coated brown, powder coated safety yellow, and powder coated gray. Custom colors and sizes are available by calling our tread specialists at (800) 876-7267.

Non Slip Safety Treatments

30″ x 2.75″ Nosings

30″ x 6″ Nosings

30″ x 9″ Nosings

36″ x 2.75″ Nosings

36″ x 6″ Nosings

36″ x 9″ Nosings

48″ x 2.75″ Nosings

48″ x 6″ Nosings

48″ x 9″ Nosings