Concrete Deck Ramps for ADA compliant Handicapped and Disabled Access

Concrete Deck RampsOur Concrete Deck Ramp System is a tough and durable ramp system that looks and feels permanent, but is actually modular and can be relocated to accommodate a portable structure. This concrete wheelchair ramp system costs less than poured concrete and is much simpler to install. Designed to make modular classrooms, offices, churches and other public buildings ADA compliant, these deck ramps are made from a heavy duty steel tube frame and a concrete panel surface.

These concrete access ramps are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Standard width is 48 inches, with an almost unlimited number of custom widths available. Length of the ramp is determined by rise and location, and they have a weight capacity of 2,000 lbs. The concrete deck ramp system is also designed to withstand water, freezing and thawing, impact, and fire. If you are looking for a temporary concrete wheelchair ramp solution, we also offer leasing programs for these systems.

The Concrete Deck Ramp System is designed to fit your specific location. Installation is quick and easy because deck ramp sections and platforms simply bolt together and the adjustable legs make leveling easy and allow for installation on an uneven surface. Turning or resting platforms, stairs, and a variety of handrail options are available in order to meet all federal and local compliance requirements.

Concrete Deck Ramps
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  • A low cost, one-time investment in a ramp system
  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs
  • Looks and feels permanent, but is designed to be relocated with a portable structure
  • Standard width is 48 inches, with a number of custom widths available
  • Length to be determined by rise and location
  • Weight capacity of 2,000 lbs (250 lbs. per sq foot)
  • Meets or exceeds all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
  • Complies with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
  • Additional components include: Turning or resting platforms, stairs, and handrails designed to accommodate your needs

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Q: I’m looking to replace an old rotting wood ramp. What types of ramps do you offer that include a platform?

A: Try a modular ramp system available in three styles Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp, ADA Concrete Ramp, or Steel Wheelchair Ramp.

Q: Can you manufacture a concrete deck ramp?

A: We can custom design a ramp solution to suit your needs, contact us at (847) 680-7700

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