Manufacturing Custom Ramps, Ramp Products, And Ramp Systems To Meet ADA Guidelines

No project is too big or too small- We will work with you to design and develop a solution that best fits your need

Handi-Ramp was founded in 1958, and is the world’s oldest manufacturer of ramps and custom ramp systems. We manufacture custom ramps for residential, commercial, and recreational applications to meet your accessibility needs. Our ramp experts are available throughout the day to answer your questions and provide solutions. If you need a ramp and it is not shown on our site, we will be more than happy to work with you to create and develop a custom solution.

In recent years we have been writing case studies that offer a unique perspective into our world of ramps, from visualization to installation. The goal of these case studies is to demonstrate to our current and future customers what can be accomplished with a simple idea and our on-site crew of ramp smiths bringing your idea to reality.

Our ramps have been designed and used by a variety of clients including the US Government, Oprah, Christopher Reeves, the New England Patriots, Chicago Cubs, and Pepsi. From custom wheelchair ramps to ramps for unloading and loading products, tools, and more, our systems have infinite uses.


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Below are some examples of custom ramp solutions we have provided for our customers:

Yard Ramp Helps Restore Wrigley Field
Non Slip Treads Midwest Forest Preserve
Wheelchair Lift Provides Independence for Disabled Mom