Dock Boards for Loading Docks

Dock boards are used to bridge the gap between a loading dock and truck trailer. They are intended to be used with forklifts and are available in aluminum or steel construction. Dock boards come in widths of 54″ to 96″ and lengths of 36″ to 96″.

Aluminum dock boards are ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. The SDC and HDC series come in capacities of 10,000 to 15,000 pounds. Steel curbs are bolted onto the aluminum diamond pattern plate for increased strength and to help prevent runoff.

Steel dock boards provide a safe ramp for heavy-duty loading dock applications. They are constructed from heavy duty steel and are available in three styles: SC series, T series or C series. SC series are low capacity (10,000-13,000 lbs) and feature bolt on steel curbs. T series are high capacity (15,000-40,000 lbs), feature welded construction and two, four hole pin pockets on each sside of the board for positioning. C series dock boards are high capacity (15,000-40,000 lbs), feature welded construction and pin pockets that run the length of the board for extreme flexibility when positioning.

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▸Aluminum Dock Boards

Aluminum Dock Boards

Need to load and unload semi trucks and trailers, but your aluminum dock board is old and rusty? Our aluminum dock plates provide the perfect way to load and unload semis quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

  • Constructed from aluminum diamond plate.
  • Light weight and rust resistant.
  • Bolted on steel curbs for stability and strength.
  • Aluminum docks come in 10,000 lb and 15,000 lb capacities.

▸Steel Dock Boards

Steel Truck Dock Boards

Looking for something to help you with loading and unloading freight from your loading dock? Our steel dock boards are a perfect solution for your need. The steel dock boards are our most economical option for dock use.

  • Made from strong steel plate.
  • Comes with locking legs and lifting chains.
  • Speeds up loading operations, help prevents accidents.
  • Steel docks come in 10,000 lb capacity and 13,000 lb capacity.

▸Heavy Duty Steel Dock Boards

Heavy Duty Steel Dockboards

15,000 lbs Capacity
20,000 lbs Capacity
25,000 lbs Capacity

T and C Series

Does your warehouse require a more heavy duty dock plate? Our heavy duty steel dock board will get the job done. Made from heavy duty steel it is our strongest docking board available.

  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • Made for heavy equipment that will be loading and unloading freight.
  • Features welded steel curbs, to increase strength.
  • Come in two series the T-series and the C-series.


Why Do I Need a Dock Board?

Dock boards fulfill an important niche as a productivity tool, enabling the user to move heavy equipment via forklift from loading dock to trailer level. The chief purpose of a dock board is to facilitate the loading and unloading of trucks at locations with a loading dock. They speed up loading operations and help prevent accidents. Dock boards are essential to every company that ships or receives anything.

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What’s the difference between a dock board and a dock plate?

The biggest difference between using a dock board and a dock plate is work capacity. Dock boards are made for forklift use while dock plates are made for hand trucks and pallet jacks. Listed below are the differences in our aluminum dock board, steel dock board, and dock plate.

Dock Board:

  • Dock boards are made for forklift use.
  • The dock boards come in aluminum and steel.
  • The aluminum dock boards capacities range from 10,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs.
  • These aluminum dock boards are great for gas and electric powered forklifts.
  • The steel dock boards capacities range from 10,000 lbs , 20,000 lbs , 25,000 lbs
  • These dock boards are a more heavy duty option.
  • Made for gas and electric powered forklifts carrying heavier loads.

Dock Plate:

  • Dock plates are made for hand trucks and pallet jacks.
  • Our dock plates have capacities ranging from 1,500 lbs to 12,000 lbs.
  • These are great for using hand carts, manual pallet jacks, and electric pallet jacks in any shipping department.
  • We have a solution to improving your loading and unloading efficiency.
  • Our options of boards and plates are immense to be able to meet your needs.

Selecting the proper dock board is easy with the assistance of our loading dock experts.

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