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Home Lifts and Residential Wheelchair Lifts from Handi-Ramp offer the highest quality and widest selection of portable and fixed wheelchair lifts. Wheelchair lifts and stair lifts are designed to assist with wheelchair and scooter access where space limitations or height requirements prohibit a traditional ramp. We offer a variety of residential and commercial wheelchair lifts to suit your needs including: portable wheelchair lifts, platform wheelchair lifts, and stairway chair lifts.

Please feel free to call one of our wheelchair lift experts at (800) 876-7267 with any questions you may have regarding our lifts and how to select the best lift solution for your accessibility needs.

Featured Wheelchair Lifts

Our 50″ and 72″ stationary wheelchair lifts are designed with safety in mind. They allow a wheelchair, scooter, or Segway to rise up a maximum of 72″ to access an entryway. The non-slip surface, safety railing, and barrier make these lifts one of a kind. Portable wheelchair lifts are an excellent solution when ADA access is required but a permanent installation is not feasible. These vertical lifts are especially useful and practical in transit applications including: boats, ferries, commuter trains and aircrafts.
Our platform wheelchair lifts allow access to decks, porches, stages and elevated surfaces. Built for either indoor or outdoor use, our vertical platform lifts for wheelchairs and scooters withstand the elements and run on as little as 110V.
Our Stairway lifts help individuals with limited mobility climb stairs. Chair lifts are typically used on stairs to access different levels of the home or business. Operation of our lifts is simple and custom configurations are available to suit your specific needs.
Our wheelchair lifts are available for delivery across North and Central America including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico. International customers are responsible for paying applicable duties and taxes.


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