Although yard ramps are an invaluable tool for loading and unloading semi-trailer trucks, you may find a brand new ramp to be cost-prohibitive for your business. This is why at Handi-Ramp, we’ve built a nationwide network to help businesses like yours buy and sell used yard ramps.

Buying a Used Yard Ramp

If you’re looking to buy a used or slightly used yard ramp, you may have difficulty finding one close enough to your geographic location to avoid fairly substantial transportation costs. In general, there are relatively few used yard ramps for sale and this tends to place them farther away than new ramps. 

Handi Ramp Yard Ramp Forklift

Fortunately, at HandiRamp, we maintain the largest inventory of used yard ramps and rentals in the country, and through our network of satisfied customers, we are aware of the location of a large portion of the yard ramp fleet in the United States. In fact, previous customers who have decided to sell their yard ramps often come to us to find a buyer!

Most of the used ramps we sell are from our rental inventory. These yard ramps are typically only a few months old and function as if still brand new. Since it can be very expensive to move a used yard ramp across the country, we’ve found that the total delivered cost for one of our used yard ramps can be much cheaper for local buyers. Our 64 years of experience in the ramp industry has allowed us to create the largest yard ramp rental fleet in the nation, meaning you’ll be able to save on shipping costs by finding yard ramps closer to your location. 

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Getting the Most out of Your Used Yard Ramp Purchase

While the biggest appeal to buying a used ramp is that they are cheaper than brand new yard ramps, there are still some things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your used yard ramp purchase. Firstly, you can save drastically on shipping costs if you are able to transport the yard ramp yourself. If you have access to a stout flatbed trailer, you can pick up your yard ramp from its origin and move it to your location! 

Another way to ensure you get the biggest return on your yard ramp investment is to extend the life of your used yard ramp with maintenance. Since HandiRamp yard ramps are constructed of hard-wearing steel, they’ll be able to support your business for years and years to come. Simple maintenance like painting, lubrication, and replacing wheels or the manual crank can further extend the lifespan of your used ramp.

New or Used Yard Ramp – Which Fits Your Needs?

In some cases, the total delivered cost for a new yard ramp may be less expensive than for a used one. For example, you might find a good deal on a used yard ramp located halfway across the country. In that case, your shipping costs might increase the final cost of that forklift ramp by $1,500, $2,000, or more.

HandiRamp has yard ramp manufacturing facilities in strategic locations in the Midwest, South, Southeast, and West Coasts. This puts us within a few hundred miles of nearly 80% of the country. With this in mind, give us a call. You may be able to get a new ramp at a lower final price than a used yard ramp, once you consider shipping costs.

Another thing to consider is the specifications you require for your yard ramp. A used yard ramp with your required dimensions, capacity, and features may not be immediately available when you need it. Besides selling, renting, and buying yard ramps, HandiRamp is also one of the nation’s prime yard ramp manufacturers. If a used yard ramp isn’t immediately available, we are able to manufacture a yard ramp with your custom specifications and get it to you when you need it. 

Selling a Used Yard Ramp

If you’re selling your used yard ramp, you may find it challenging to connect with a local buyer. Although you may not be responsible for the shipping cost, the distance the ramp must travel – and the associated cost – can affect how much the buyer is willing to pay.

HandiRamp can help. We have a waiting list of interested buyers looking for a used yard ramp. We are also experts in loading and shipping these ramps. If you have a used yard ramp that you would like to sell please call 1-800-876-7267. We’ll give you a quick, no-obligation quote – and we’ll buy your yard ramp for cash.

If you want to upgrade or increase the capacity of the yard ramp you’re currently using, we can work out a trade-in deal.

Do you have a yard ramp that you no longer need? Call 1-800-876-7267 and sell your yard ramp to us.

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