Hose, Pipe, & Cable Ramp for Vehicles and Pedestrians

Many construction and industrial locations have cables, hoses, and pipes running across the work site. These cables, hoses, and pipes risk being severely damaged or backed up by vehicles moving through the area. They can also present as dangerous slip and fall hazards for workers at the construction site, factory floor, or other work areas. 

Closeup Industrial Hose Pipe and Cable Ramp

Hose, Pipe, and Cable Protector Ramps are the ideal solution for improving the safe usage of cords, pipes, wires, cables, and hoses for municipal, construction, special events, industrial, and oilfield applications. HandiRamp’s selection of cable, hose, and pipe protector ramps is an economical and safe way to maintain productivity and protect workers, equipment, and the general public. The ramps are designed with high weight capabilities so that a variety of work vehicles can safely pass over the cable, wire, pipe, or hose. 


Wire, Cord, and Cable Protectors

The high-density, all-weather polyurethane construction protects against damage due to physical pressure, abrasion, impact, and weather while the diamond-plate surface increases traction. The ramps drastically reduce maintenance and replacement costs of cables, wires, and cords that would have otherwise gone unprotected. These wire, cord, and cable protectors are ideal for offices, construction sites, industrial locations, factory floors, and special events.     

Hose Protectors and Bridges

Protect your cable and hose lines while ensuring safe passage for vehicles. HandiRamp’s selection of hose protectors and bridges is ideal for construction sites, industrial locations, and factory floors. Our hose protectors are lightweight while being erosion, injury, and weather resistant. Various sizes are available to fit a variety of hose and cable diameters. Our hose bridges are constructed our hard-wearing aluminum and designed for foot traffic with a 750-lb capacity. When not in use, the portable hose bridge ramp folds into a box for easy storage. 

Oilfield/Fracking Ramps and Industrial Cable Protector Ramps

HandiRamp’s selection of heavy-duty industrial pipe ramps and fracking ramps are ideal for construction sites, industrial locations, and oilfields. HandiRamp’s specialized fracking ramps allow for the safe, efficient crossover of pipes and hoses on the fracking site. Our oilfield ramps have a capacity of up to 160,000 lbs., and come in a variety of sizes. HandiRamp has also developed a separate ramp system that allows for the safe transit of heavy equipment and trucks over containment field berms critical to environmental safety during the fracking process. HandiRamp’s industrial cable ramps offer security while using electrical cables and wires in the mining and construction industries. The ramps allow for constant impact and wear and tear from haul trucks and falling rocks. Our industrial cable ramp is great for home, office, industrial, and automotive uses.

Which Hose/Cable protector ramp do I need?

Our team of ramp experts can help you select the ideal ramp to pass over your hose, cable, cord, or pipe. Just give us a call at 800-876-7267! Before calling, it can be helpful to answer the following:

  • What is the outside diameter of the pipe, cable, or hose you want to cover?
  • How much of the hose, etc., do you want to cover? (For example 10ft of it.)
  • What will be going over the hose, etc.? (For example foot traffic, cars, or oversized construction equipment.)
  • If vehicles will be traveling over the ramp, what is the clearance of the vehicles?
[Yellow caution color for high visibility is standard on all Cable Protector Ramps. Built-in handholds allow handling with ease and double as attachment points for mounting brackets.

*An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the contiguous United States.
Additional shipping charges may apply for residential, limited access locations, and lift gate needs.