Hose, Pipe, & Cable Ramp for Pumping Equipment

At construction and industrial locations, cables, hoses, and pipes will likely be running across the worksite. These can present as dangerous slip, trip, and fall hazards for workers crossing the factory floor, mechanical room, or other work areas. The cables, hoses, or pipes also risk becoming severely damaged by any vehicles working in the area. 

Hose, Pipe, and Cable Protector Ramps are the ideal solution for improving the safe usage of cords, pipes, wires, cables, and hoses for municipal, construction, special events, and industrial applications. HandiRamp offers ramps that accommodate a variety of hose, cable, and pipe diameters. The ramps make every worksite safer by allowing workers or vehicles to safely pass over the cables, hoses, or pipes. 

HandiRamp cable and hose protector ramps are an economical and safe way to maintain productivity and protect workers, equipment, and the general public. The ramps are designed with high weight capabilities so that a variety of work vehicles can safely pass over the cable, wire, pipe, or hose. Lightweight and modular in design, the cable protector can provide multi-length flexibility. 

The high-density, all-weather polyurethane construction protects against damage due to physical pressure, abrasion, impact, and weather while the diamond-plate surface increases traction. The ramps drastically reduce maintenance and replacement costs of cables, hoses, and pipes that would have otherwise gone unprotected.  

HandiRamp, the country’s oldest custom ramp manufacturer, can construct hose, cable, and pipe ramps in custom sizes and styles upon request. Please contact our ramp experts at 800-876-7267.


Yellow caution color for high visibility is standard on all Cable Protector Ramps. Built-in handholds allow handling with ease and double as attachment points for mounting brackets.

*An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the contiguous United States.
Additional shipping charges may apply for residential, limited access locations, and lift gate needs.

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