Grab Bars and Bathroom Safety Products

We are delighted to introduce our newest line of accessibility products – easy install grab bars and bathroom safety poles. If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to make your bathroom safe and accessible, why go anywhere else?

Product Categories

The EasyMount Grab Bars are ADA Compliant and perfect for creating a safer bathroom environment and can be installed anywhere in the home to provide support. Available in various lengths, finishes, styles, and rail diameters to fit your needs.

Dependa-Bar® combines the stability of a wall mounted ADA Compliant grab bar with the benefits of the SuperBar(TM) to create movable support. Designed to create a safe and mobile support for bathrooms and other environments where grab bars are used.

The SuperPole® System is an award winning modular support system designed to assist individuals with standing, transferring, or moving in bed. A stylish floor-to-ceiling ADA Compliant grab bar is the central component of the system and can be installed in minutes between a floor and ceiling.

The Toilet Support Rail combines an innovative ADA Compliant rail design with a solid feel to create a wall mounted rail which promotes safe standing and transfers to and from a toilet.

The Knurled steel grab bars easy to grip even in wet bathing areas. Use these grab bars in the kitchen, along stairways, in the laundry room for additional fall prevention, or especially in the tub. Combine grab bars with an elevated toilet seat or transfer bench for additional ADA Compliant stability.

The Bathtub Grab Bar has an ADA Compliant step-through clamp design that provides unobstructed entry/exit path for better hand positioning. Its tool-free installation has stainless steel components with rubber-lined pads that won’t mar tub surface.

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