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Warehouse & Loading Dock Safety Equipment

Forklift safety products from Handi-Ramp are constructed to safeguard workers and equipment. We offer a variety of different forklift safety products for your warehouse or plant, allowing you to choose the right solution to meet your individual needs: Safety Rails, Forklift Guard Rails, Rack Protectors, Post Protectors, Door Guards, and Bollards.

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Guard Rails

Guard Rail Systems

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Safety Bollards

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Starting at $192.62

Safety Rails provide a low-cost and easy answer to solving complex barrier conflicts in your warehouse. They meet OSHA recommendations for fall protection and are lightweight, simple to install, and easily customizable.
Guard Rail Systems enhance plant safety by decreasing the costs and liability associated with employee injuries, machine down time, insurance claims, and building repairs on account of accidental collisions.
Rack Protectors are a great way to prevent damage to your warehouse rack and shelving units. Designed for indoor/outdoor use, rack protectors are a cost effective way to enhance forklift protection.
Post Protectors are designed to prohibit personal injury or damage from forklift collisions to the rack frame. Forklift protection is achieved by absorbing the collision thus avoiding injury.
Door Guards protect the tracks for your overhead door from damage caused by your fork lift truck. They are less expensive than a service call and are more convenient and efficient than having the tracks repaired.
Bollards shield parking areas, buildings, and in-plant tools from dangerous accidents caused by careless traffic drivers. To install, simply bolt down the base plate to the floor to achieve forklift protection.