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We want to provide you with right product at the lowest delivered price, therefore, we find that having a short conversation with one of our yard ramp experts is the simplest and easiest way to make that happen.
Many of the catalog houses will post yard ramp prices on their shopping cart. Then they will either include an outrageous shipping cost or take your order and tell you they will provide you with the shipping cost at a later time. Please be cautious. Shipping costs will often represent 10% to 20% of the total delivered price for a forklift ramp.

Since shipping costs will vary greatly depending upon both the factory location and the destination, the only way to get the best delivered price is to have a conversation with an expert who can determine the best factory location for your shipping destination based upon the best shipping company and shipping lanes to use.

Shipping a forklift ramp requires a flatbed truck and usually this will be a dedicated load for that driver. Unloading the yard ramp at your destination can be challenging if you don’t have the right equipment. The yard ramp experts at Handi-Ramp will make sure that all of these concerns are addressed before you place your order. This is not something that you can do using a shopping cart. You need a live person to make sure it is done right. We at Handi-Ramp move yard ramps every day, we know that we have the most cost effective shipping rates.

When a New Forklift Ramp Might be a Better Deal than a Used One

There are some cases where the total delivered cost for a new yard ramp will be less expensive than for a used forklift ramp. If you can get a good deal on a used yard ramp but that ramp is located half way across the country, your shipping costs might increase the cost of that forklift ramp by $1500 or $2000. If one of our many manufacturing facilities is near you, the shipping savings may exceed the cost savings from buying a used ramp.

Finally, we are talking about a purchase of $10,000 or more. When you spend that much money, you deserve personal attention. You need to make sure that you are buying the right yard ramp and when it is delivered, you will be able to unload it safely so you can put it to work right away. We will make that happen. You will be happy with our customer service and attention to detail.

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Yard Ramp Specifications Chart

CapacityLength (Feet)Width (OD)*Usable WidthApprox Weight lbs.
16,000 lbs30 ft72 inches *64 inches4,159 lbs
30 ft86 inches *78 inches4,964 lbs
36 ft72 inches *64 inches5,102 lbs
36 ft86 inches *78 inches5,828 lbs
20,000 lbs30 ft72 inches *64 inches4,384 lbs
30 ft86 inches *78 inches5,189 lbs
36 ft72 inches *64 inches5,327 lbs
36 ft86 inches *78 inches6,048 lbs
25,000 lbs30 ft72 inches *64 inches4,780 lbs
30 ft86 inches *78 inches5,605 lbs
36 ft72 inches *64 inches5,762 lbs
36 ft86 inches *78 inches6,544 lbs
30,000 lbs30 ft72 inches *64 inches5,030 lbs
30 ft86 inches *78 inches5,905 lbs
36 ft72 inches *64 inches6,020 lbs
36 ft86 inches *78 inches6,844 lbs
* (OD) Outside Dimension | Subtract 8" for Usable Width

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