Portable wheelchair ramps, walker ramps, and scooter ramps come in a wide variety of designs, styles, sizes and capacities. From tri-fold wheelchair ramps that can fit easily into the back of an SUV or van, to 8 feet or longer single-fold ramps that are sturdy enough to be deployed outside on an every day basis, the information below can help you find a safe, long-lasting portable ramp at the right price.

Portable Ramp Knowledge Base

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Singlefold Ramps

Among the most lightweight and compact of all our portable ramps, singlefold ramps are perfect for bridging smaller rises, such as those at a curb, porch, or single step. With a light weight of between 6 and 28 pounds and only 15 inches in width when folded, they are a convenient solution for walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, crutches, strollers, and more

EZ Access Suitcase® Singlefold Ramps
PVI Portable Singlefold Ramps

Multifold and Trifold Ramps

Multifold and Trifold ramps are great for heavier duty applications with a higher rise. With multiple ways to fold and store, this flexible options gives you more length than a singlefold ramp while still saving space. The extra length allows you to bridge multiple steps or access vehicles easily

EZ Access Trifold Suitcase Ramp
PVI Multifold Ramp

Suitcase Ramps

Easy to fold or take apart for storage, Suitcase ramps are what you need when you are looking for the versatility to get a wheelchair over all kinds of obstacles. Whether you’re looking to bridge an entryway, curb, set of steps, or van door, a lightweight and sturdy suitcase can get you there.

Bariatric Ramps

Reinforced for great stability over longer gaps, bariatric ramps are a reliable and sturdy solution for even the bulkiest scooters or wheelchairs. With an extra 6″ width beyond the typical Single- or Multi-fold ramps, a patented center joint hinge, and several more safety features, this ramp offers accessibility and peace of mind.

PVI Bariatric Ramps


Can your portable single-fold ramps be used on porches?
Yes, our portable ramps are suitable for porches with some models supporting up to 24 inches in height.
Could you please advise if you have one or more Canadian distributors for your product that we could contact for pricing?
Unfortunately we do not have any Canadian distributors for our aluminum portable ramps. We can ship them from our warehouse in the U.S. via UPS Ground.
When selecting on-line I am only given the choice to enter Canada or USA in the address section – please could you let me know if you sell outside these locations and how I can complete my on-line order.
We sell and ship all of our ramps worldwide direct. Please contact a ramp expert for a freight quote at (800) 876-7267 or info@handiramp.com.
Do your portable ramps have a side rail to prevent wheelchairs from falling off?
Yes, all of our portable ramps come with a lip approximately 1″ in height to prevent a wheelchair, scooter, and other mobility devices from slipping off.

Do your portable ramps come with a lip? My child is afraid her front wheelchair wheel will get stuck in the crack where the ramp meets the landing.
All of our portable ramps come standard with a front and back lip making it a seamless transition from the ground to top landing and vice versa. Keep in mind, different ramps have different lip sizes.

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Our experienced team will help you select the best portable wheelchair or scooter ramp that meets your specific needs. We offer a variety of safe and inexpensive portable ramps that are always in stock and most orders ship either the same or next business day. We realize that sometimes you need it yesterday, so we’ll do our best to make that happen.

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