Oilfield Hose Ramps | Fracking Ramps

Handi-Ramp has engineered and developed a series of crossover ramps for the growing hydraulic fracturing industry. These fracking safety ramps are being widely utilized by a number of major oilfield services companies.

Handi-Ramp has developed specialized ramps which allow for the safe, efficient crossover of pipes and hoses on the fracking site. Our oilfield ramps have a capacity of up to 160,000 lbs., and come in a variety of sizes. Handi-Ramp has also developed a separate ramp system which allows for the safe transit of heavy equipment and trucks over containment field berms critical to environmental safety during the fracking process.

Call now to speak with a Handi-Ramp specialist. We will discuss your fracking safety ramp requirements and find a solution that is right you.


What size fracking ramp do I need?

HandiRamp designs and manufactures custom pipe protector ramps for your oilfield business’s exact specifications. If you have any questions, want more information, or are ready to buy, give our ramp experts a call at 800-876-7267!  

When ordering your pipe ramp, it is helpful to know:

  • The outside diameter of the pipe you want to cover. 
  • How much of the pipe you want to cover. (i.e. 10ft of pipe).
  • What types of vehicles will be going over the pipe. (i.e. cars, trucks, or oversized equipment like dump trucks and trailers).