Bi-Panel ATV/Pickup Ramps

Bi-fold ATV ramps are the solution to loading 4-wheeled power sport equipment and other machinery into long wheel base trucks with minimum ground clearance. Bi-fold ATV ramps are used to eliminate incline and provide maximum loading for your ATV into your truck bed. These bifold ATV ramps come in a variety of sizes and weights for feasibility of use in different situations.

All of our four-wheeler ramps for sale feature extra durable tubular rungs and heavy-duty side rails.

Model: HRDOM641
1200 lb Capacity (double axle)

Model: HRDOM841
1200 lb Capacity (double axle)

Model: HRDOM646
1200 lb Capacity (double axle)

Model: HRDOM846
1200 lb Capacity (double axle)

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  • Extra Durable Tubular Rungs
  • Heavy-Duty Side Rails
  • Hinges in the Center
  • Folds in Width for Storage
  • Four Sizes


Model Width Length Weight Capacity
HRDOM641 41″ 75.5″ 40 lbs 1200 lbs
HRDOM646 46″ 75.5″ 43 lbs 1200 lbs
HRDOM841 41″ 95.5″ 49 lbs 1200 lbs
HRDOM846 46″ 95.5″ 52 lbs 1200 lbs

Shipping charge based on location 
* An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the Contiguous United States.

Q: How much do the BiPanel ATV ramps weigh?

A: Consult the specifications tab near the bottom of this page to learn the weights of our Bi Panel ATV ramps. 

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