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Client: Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC)
Location: Oakland, CA
Problem: Remodeling Emergency Area and Needed Temporary Covered Ramp
Solution: Custom Aluminum Sectional Ramp (AST) with a Roof

A covered ramp was needed for a temporary emergency entrance at the Alta Bates Hospital in California. Client requested a roof be built over the aluminum ramp. Project was deadline driven and required a last-minute addition of an aluminum section.

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ADA compliant ramp in production
Ramp in production

Client: United States Penitentiary
Location: Marion, IL
Problem: ADA Compliance Needed for Administration and Visitors Building
Solution: Custom Concrete Deck Access Ramp

The United States Penitentiary contracted Handi-Ramp to construct an ADA compliant solution for their Administration and Visitors Building located in Marion, IL. The custom ramp solution featured full length vertical picket handrails and a U shaped design. Assembly for the ramp took approximately one day due to the system’s size – (71 Ft. with Multiple platforms).

Great news! I got the quote to open! Our check will be in the mail on Monday. Thanks again and God bless you for being such an efficient salesman! These ramps have been a bit of a struggle.

We tried Adaptive Access first and could not get a written quote. Tell your boss you deserve a raise!

Wanda C.


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