Dock Plate and Dock Board Measurement Guide

Select the right dockplate or dockboard with the assistance of our dock plate and dock board measurement guide. Choosing the correct SIZE and CAPACITY of equipment helps improve your dock operation. These factors are determined by length, width, height differential and capacity. Visit our Dock Boards and Dock Plate pages for more information.

Selection Guide for online assistance and to purchase dock boards and dock plates online.

Dock Plate and Dock Board Length

To determine the proper length of a dock board or dock plate three things are required:
• Dock Height (D)
• Height of the Highest Truck Bed (T)
• Type of Loading Equipment Used

Dock Plate and Dock Board Width

We recommend a minimum dockboard and dockplate width of 12″ to 18″ wider than the overall width of the vehicle or pallet used. For improved end loading efficiency, you may consider increasing the dock plate or dock board width.

Height Differential (H)

The height differential is determined by the highest truck height (T) minus the dock height (D). We recommend using 55″ for the highest truck height on freight trailers and 59″ on refrigerated or container trailers. T – D = H


Dockplate LengthDockboard Length
Height Pallet JackPropane ForkliftElectric Forklift


3 Wheel Forklift4 Wheel ForkliftDock Board Capacity
2,000 - 2,50010,000
2,000 - 3,00010,000
3,000 - 3,50015,000
4,000 - 5,00020,000
3,000 - 5,00015,000
5,000 - 6,00020,000

Additional Information on Dock Boards and Dock Plates

  • Stackers and other aisle loaders should not be used on a dock board
  • Paper roll clamps and multi-shift loading requires an additional 5,000 lbs. of capacity
  • Capacity rated for single-shift operation at a 3 MPH max rate of travel
  • For railroad applications visit our Rail Boards page
  • An 11″ lip is standard, other lengths are available at no additional cost
  • Leg lengths are 2-3″ longer than maximum height differential
  • An 11″ degree bend is standard, other bend angles are available at no additional cost
  • Refrigerated trailers require HRARL option

Dock Board and Plate Options

Model Option
HRALC Lifting chains
HRALEG Extra leg with fasteners
HRALH Loop handles welded to each leg
HRARL Legs set at 14″ from truck end for refrigerated trailers
HREZ EZ Roll option for dock plates
Parcel packaging – for sizes up to 48″ x 36″
HRASL Leg location other than 2.5″ from edge of plate

For special applications, custom designs and measurement assistance or pricing call (800)876-7267.

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