Dog Ramp Side Entry Support Strap For SUV’s, Trucks, Cars

Visit our official PetStep website to learn more about using the PetStep ramp through the side door of your car, and get exclusive access to the PetStep Side Door Entry Dog Ramp Kit, which includes both the PetStep ramp and the side entry support strap!

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When used in the back seat of a vehicle, the PetStep pet ramp must be supported. Only one corner of the ramp will rest on the back seat while the other corner is suspended mid-air, rendering the ramp unstable.

We have a solution to this issue – our PetSTEP side entry support strap. One end of the strap is placed on the frame of the door while the other end has a unique hook that attaches to the ramp to provide support.

See the support strap instruction sheet for details of how this product works.

Side Entry Support Strap Features

  • For use with the PetSTEP folding ramp models 222K & 222G ONLY.
  • Rubber coated steel hook won’t damage your vehicle’s paint.
  • Strap is fully adjustable between a sedan, SUV, and truck.
  • Attaches in mere seconds without tools.
  • Can be used from either side of the vehicle’s rear doors.
  • Drawstring carry bag included.
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