Edge of Dock Levelers for Loading Docks

Dock LevelersOur edge of dock levelers are designed to speed up loading and unloading of dry or refrigerated trailers. They have been rigorously tested to be easily operated and ready to use within 20 seconds. The loading dock leveler has a working range of 5″ above and below your dock level.
To operate the manual dock leveler simply grab the self-storing handle, position it, then pull up towards the dock floor. The mechanical latch assembly activates the lip, moving it forward to the trailer. When released, the leveler returns to its stored position. The refrigerated lip is optional.
Capacities of 20,000 and 25,000 lbs. and widths of 72″ and 78″ are standard, however Handi-Ramp is able to custom-build a loading dock leveler to your specs. Assembly includes molded dock bumpers.
The manual loading dock levelers have been manufactured from strong, impact resistant steel that will provide years of service on even the busiest dock.

Edge of Dock Levelers for Freightline Trailers

Capacity (lb)Lip LengthUsable WidthOverall WidthSpanWeight (lb)Price
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20,00015"66"104"27 ¾”515Call for Price
20,00015"72"110"27 ¾”545Call for Price
20,00015"78"116"27 ¾”585Call for Price
25,00015"66"104"27 ¾”530Call for Price
25,00015"72"110"27 ¾”560Call for Price
25,00015"78"116"27 ¾”595Call for Price

Edge of Dock Levelers for Refrigerated Trailers

Capacity (lb)Lip LengthUsable WidthOverall WidthSpanWeight (lb)Price
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20,00017"66"104"29 ¾"545Call for Price
20,00017"72"110"29 ¾"585Call for Price
20,00017"78"116"29 ¾"635Call for Price
25,00017"66"104"29 ¾"605Call for Price
25,00017"72"110"29 ¾"651Call for Price
25,00017"78"116"29 ¾"705Call for Price

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