Float Kit – for Models 1200 and 2000

Handi-Ramp’s Float Kit is the perfect solution for out-of-water boat storage in marinas where in-water boat lifts are not feasible. Protect your watercraft against the bumps and scrapes commonly associated with marinas, piers and other environments with lots of boat traffic. Used in conjunction with our models 1200 or 2000, the Float Kit from Handi-Ramp creates a floating boat ramp for use with your dock or shore wall.

The unique modular design and no electricity required makes the watercraft ramp excellent choice for a multitude of boats up to 2,000 lbs. Closed-cell polystyrene filled floats ensure many hassle-free years of use. To dock your boat using the Float Kit simply drive up to the edge of the boat ramp, attach the strap to your boat and crank your boat up until it is safely stored out of the water.

Download Boat Ramp BrochureDownload BrochureBoat Ramp Brochure (301 kb)

For Models 1200 and 2000
Requires no outside power source
Holds up to 2,000 lbs
$170.00 Shipping and Handling

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