Ramp Buyers Guide | What to Consider Before You Buy a Ramp

Ramps are used for different applications and reasons. Shopping for a ramp can be stressful if you don’t know what to look for. Before you purchase a ramp, you should consider the following: what type of ramp is available, where and how will you be using the ramp, size and shape of the ramp, and how to operate the ramp safely. After deciding the appropriate ramp for your needs, you can buy a ramp online or you can speak to a sales representative who would be happy to assist you with any questions.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Ramp:

1. Where is the ramp being used? Typically ramps are used at a doorway to overcome a step, mount a curb, or load a wheelchair in or out of a vehicle. If a ramp is located at a public entrance, it must be accessible to other users (does not include portable ramps unless you are willing to store them after each use). If you are carrying the ramp, you should consider ramps that are compact and lightweight so they can be moved easily without any difficulty.

2. What are you putting on the ramp? Ramps can have several uses, such as being used by people with disabilities, dogs, commercial or industrial and recreational uses.

3. Where are you going to store the ramp? Deciding where to store the ramp is very important; some ramps can be folded up and stored in the back of the car, however you will need to know the maximum size you can accommodate before you buy a ramp.

4. What type of ramp will fit your needs? Are you looking for a permanent, semi-permanent, or a temporary ramp?

5. Will the ramp support the size and weight of the user? How steep and high is the incline?

6. Does the ramp provide a non-slip surface?

7. How much do you want to spend?

If you need further assistance in selecting a ramp, please contact us toll-free at 800.876.RAMP.


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