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Chicago Board of Elections takes an important step in accessibility

Libertyville, IL – In the 2000 Presidential elections, there was more controversy in the state of Florida than you may have heard about. Aside from the battle over the ballots, there was a heated debate over wheelchair access to the voting polls. Many polling locations did not have such access, making it difficult for the physically challenged to have their voices heard.

This issue has now been recognized in Chicago where the Board of Elections contracted with Handi-Ramp, a company based in Libertyville, Illinois, to create wheelchair access at 200 polling places. The average cost to provide wheelchair access at each location was under $500.00.

Handi-Ramp was established in 1958, and, “we were the first company to recognize the need to help the physically challenged gain access to the public places most of us take for granted,” says Vicki Tumilson, of Handi-Ramp.

Handi-Ramp specializes in providing low-cost access solutions to individuals, businesses, and government offices or agencies. “We have several varieties of ramps in stock for vehicles, homes, curbs, and thresholds,as well as galvanized steel ramps for all other purposes. We build custom ramps for specialized access anywhere it is needed,” says Tumilson.

The Chicago Board of Electors is not Handi-Ramp’s only well-known customer. Recently, institutions like Northwestern University, the Veterans Administration, the Paralympic Games, and Bank One Ballpark (home of Arizona Diamondbacks) have all purchased ramps or ordered custom-built access solutions from Handi-Ramp.

“Most of us take our mobility for granted,” says Tumilson, “so we’ve made it our mission to create access for everyone.”


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