Handi-Ramp Press Releases – New Location

Press Release

For immediate release:


Libertyville, IL – With a new 27,000 square foot relocation expansion and a product line that is always evolving to better facilitate the disabled, Handi-Ramp is providing affordable solutions for individuals, business, government, and organizations.

There is no excuse for any public facility to put off becoming ADA compliant; not with the adaptations Handi-Ramp has made to ensure that all businesses and public facilities can conveniently install ramps and lifts. Public facilities such as Bank One Ballpark, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, have purchased their ramps from Handi-Ramp in order to meet ADA requirements.

“The consequence of procrastinating the installation of ramps is harsh and completely avoidable,” says Vicki Tumilson of Handi-Ramp. Clint Eastwood failed to install ramps for his hotel and he encountered a lawsuit from a disabled individual who could not gain access. For just $1000 he could have purchased a ramp from Handi-Ramp and avoided a lawsuit that cost him many thousands of dollars.

Handi-Ramp’s prices are affordable and their manufacturing progressive. They are always expanding their services. The latest addition to their product line is called the Handi Lift. The Handi Lift is incredibly convenient because of its portability. It is designed to assist disabled individuals in getting in and out of their homes, but this product can also be used in public facilities. Because it is portable, the Handi Lift can be wheeled to whichever entrance or exit a disabled individual needs to enter or leave from.

Whatever product you wish to provide at your business or facility, Handi-Ramp can customize it for you. They are prepared to meet any need you have, whether it means providing an in-house ramp, or engineering a ramp specific to your requirements.