Custom Delivery Ramps for Semi Trucks, Trailers, and Loading Docks

Portable Delivery Ramps for JB Hunt

Workman’s compensation claims coupled with difficult strip malls without loading docks, pushed JB Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (JB Hunt) to seek a solution to increase safety and productivity for their fleet of over 400 semi-tractor trailers.

JB Hunt, one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America, contacted Handi-Ramp regarding an inquiry for ramps to be installed on their trucks. Specifically they desired a product that would be easy to use and transport, require minimal setup and not be permanently attached nor take up valuable cargo space. Listening to and working closely with the client, Handi-Ramp was able to develop precisely what JB Hunt required.

The Portable Delivery Ramp Handi-Ramp developed reduced JB Hunt’s delivery times from 1 hour to 20 minutes which has saved labor, increased productivity and more importantly created a safer method of delivery for the drivers. By eliminating two workman’s compensation claims, JB Hunt was able to outfit their entire fleet of over 400 trucks with ramps.


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