Sprinter Ramp Installation Guidelines

  1. Safety First: Do not drill into the floor of the van before inspecting the underside of the vehicle. Before drilling or installation, ensure that there are no obstructions under the vehicle, such as fuel lines, brake lines, fuel tanks, wiring harnesses, exhaust systems, spare tire mounts, or anything else that is routed under the floor that could interfere with installation.
  2. Pre-position the ramp in its folded, upright position at the edge of the deck, as close to the rear doors as possible. Ensure that the rear doors can still completely close and clear the ramp when in the upright, folded position.
  3. Mounting hardware is not included, as there are too many variables from one installation to another. It is recommended to use stainless-steel fasteners and locking hardware (such as nylon lock nuts and/or lock washers) to prevent the ramp from loosening over time. Use 3 bolts (equally spaced) on each side of the mounting plate (total of 6 bolts) for the 36 inch ramp and 4 bolts (equally spaced) on each side of the mounting plate (total of 8 bolts) for the 45 inch ramp.
  4. [1200 pound capacity ramps only]. After mounting the ramp and before loading any equipment, ensure that the center support legs (under the ramp) deploy properly as the ramp is unfolded from its upright position. The center support legs should automatically unfold with the feet resting firmly on the ground. [Refer to the notes below.]
  5. During operation of the vehicle, the ramp must be secured in the upright position with the locking pin inserted. The passive steel bar restraint system on each side of the unit will prevent the ramp from rocking.


– The ramp legs for the 1200 pound capacity ramps are designed for a Sprinter Van deck height up to 29 inches above the ground. If the deck height is lower, the ramp will display a change in slope at the hinge. The ramp can be safely used in this configuration.

– If the deck height is higher than 29 inches, please request the extension leg kit. Attach the extension legs such that they will touch the ground when the ramp is extended without any load. Without the center support leg resting on the ground, the load capacity is approximately 750 pounds.

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