HandiTreads® Aluminum Non Slip Stair Treads, Nosings, and Pads

Did You Know? Slip and fall injuries are the number one reason for emergency room visits in the USA (Source National Safety Council). HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions prevent these dangerous slips, trips, and falls at your business.

Patented DesignProvides Traction in Any Environmental Condition

All of our aluminum non-slip solutions feature our patented raised-button surface that is also featured on our industry-leading ramps. When stepped on, the buttons dispel water, sleet, debris, and up to an inch of snow or ice. These aluminum treads, nosings, and pads can be installed on a variety of structures both indoors and outdoors including stairs, ramps, floors, decks, and porches. They are also compatible with virtually any surface like wood, metal, brick, concrete, tile, and masonry. 

Handi-Treads Non-Slip Tread, Aluminum, Silver, 48in x 3.75in, with screws
Handi Treads Nosing Black Installed on Steps
Handi Treads Non Slip Treads Yellow in Restaurant

Other Non-Slip Products Just Can’t Compare

Anti-slip alternatives such as grit tape and grip paint can be economical options but will eventually become worn and need to be replaced. Rubber or carpet treads will also need to be replaced frequently and simply cannot hold up in outdoor conditions. Our non-slip solutions are manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, with the aluminum construction being both weatherproof and rustproof in both indoor and outdoor applications.

HandiTreads Stair Treads are an economical permanent solution to slip and fall hazards. Once they’re installed, they don’t require any further maintenance! The aluminum treads come in 5 standard colors: silver, yellow, brown, black, and gray, and 2 standard sizes: 3.75″(W) x 30″(L) and 3.75″(W) x 48″(L). Custom sizes can also be manufactured for your business needs. The treads install in just minutes with the included color-matched screws in any indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, or government location. 

Handi Treads Black in Rain

HandiTreads Stair Nosings have a 1⅛” nose flap that wraps over the front of the step to provide extra traction on those slippery edges. Nosings are also an economical repair option for damaged stairs and add structural integrity. Nosings come in 5 standard colors: silver, yellow, brown, black, and gray and are available in the following standard sizes: 2.75″(W) x 30″(L), 6″(W) x 30″(L), 9″(W) x 30″(L), 2.75″(W) x 36″(L), 6″(W) x 36″(L), 9″(W) x 36″(L), 2.75″(W) x 48″(L), 6″(W) x 48″(L), 9″(W) x 48″(L). Custom sizes are also available.

HandiTreads Non-Slip Pads are a more durable substitute for non-slip tape. Manufactured with rust-proof aluminum, these pads feature our innovative raised traction button design that grips shoes and feet and helps prevent slips. The pads can be installed in a variety of locations like walkways, landings, or any other area that could be made safer with increased traction. The aluminum stair pads standard size is 3.75″(W) x 12″(L) and they are available in 5 standard colors: silver, yellow, brown, black, and gray. Custom sizes are available.

Not sure which solution to choose? Contact one of our product specialists at (800) 876-RAMP so we can answer all of your questions!

See how our customers are using Treads, Nosings and Pads to keep their homes and work places safe from slip-fall hazards in the gallery below:

residential applications

commercial applications

industrial applications

government applications

parks and recreation applications
Parks & Rec

Non Slip Safety Treatments

30in Non Skid Stair Tread

3.75″ x 30″ Non
Slip Treads

More Details
Starting at $19.95

48in Non Skid Stair Tread

3.75″ x 48″ Non
Slip Treads

More Details
Starting at $26.95

30in Non Skid Stair Strip

1.875″ x 30″ Non
Slip Strips

More Details
Starting at $13.95

30in Non Skid Stair Strip

3.75″ x 12″ Non
Slip Pads

More Details
Starting at $10.95

30in Non Skid Stair Nosing

2.75″ x 30″ Non
Slip Nosings

More Details
Starting at $22.95

48in Non Skid Stair Nosing

2.75″ x 48″ Non
Slip Nosings

More Details
Starting at $36.95

30in Non Skid Stair Nosing

6″ x 30″ Non
Slip Nosings

More Details
Starting at $34.95

30in Non Skid Stair Nosing

9″ x 30″ Non
Slip Nosings

More Details
Starting at $51.95

Additional Non-Slip Tread Options

Puppy Treads

More Details
Starting at $7.99

People Treads

More Details
Starting at $4.99

Non Slip Grit Tape

More Details
Starting at $22.98

Steel Treads

Non Slip Tread Knowledge BaseLearn More About Non Slip Treads

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to buy the non-slip material to put on a ramp?

A: Yes. You can order non skid treads online and perform a cost comparison vs. alternatives.

Q: Can the skid treads be applied to a wooden ramp that is outside and gets snow and ice on it? Can you shovel snow off them without compromising the adhesion?

A: Our non slip tread material can be applied to any surface and is specifically designed for use with snow and ice. Shoveling the surface will not damage the product or compromise the adhesion because non slip treads are applied with screws or anchors.

Q: Is there anything available to cover indoor wheelchair ramps (made from wood) other than rug?

A: Yes, our non slip aluminum treads or indoor adhesive People Treads will be suitable to cover your indoor wheelchair ramp

Q: Would your non slip treads product work on a concrete ramp that has forklift traffic?

A: Yes our non slip treads are designed to be mounted on concrete and do not have a weight limit.

Q: I was wondering if there was a product that had built in safety traction that would not broil in the summer heat or aid freezing rain to accumulate?

A: Our aluminum non slip treads are a good reflector of light and heat allowing you to safely walk on the treads in bare feet. They are designed to last a lifetime and can be applied to any surface using stainless steel screws (for wood) or pin-drive anchors (for concrete).

Q: How far apart do you recommend spacing Handi Treads on a flat surface or ramp?

A: We suggest no more than 4 inches of space between treads.

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