Personal Watercraft Boat Ramp Accessories; Winch, Legs, Braces, Ground Anchor.

Winch Upgrade

Winch Upgrade – 1500 lb (dead-lift) Autobrake: Automatically stops if you release the handle for extra safety. Includes 50′ cable (Replaces 1700lb winch). The 1500 Autobrake Winch works with Roll-n-Go models 1200, 2000 and Pontoon.

Ground Anchor Kit

Ground anchor kit includes 18″ auger, chain with connectors and turnbuckle. Provides stability for the winch on longer ramp lengths. Recommended when adding 8′ PWC Extension.

Basic Leg Kit for Boats

All aluminum leg support kit for Models 750, 1200, 2000 and Pontoon. Includes (2) pipe brackets with double set crews, (2) foot pads with single set screws and stainless steel mounting hardware.

Extra Roller Set for Model 750/1200/Pontoon

Extra Roller Kit for Model 750/1200/Pontoon (2 sets required per row for Model Pontoon) Includes 2 rollers, 2 brackets, hardware.

Extra Roller Set for 2000 model boat ramp

Extra Roller Kit for 2000 model boat ramp – includes 4 gray wobble rollers, 2 axles, and hardware.

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