Safety Bollards for Warehouses, Parking Areas and Buildings

Safety bollards protect parking areas, buildings and in-plant tools from dangerous collisions caused by moving vehicles and equipment.

Their wide and durable 10″ x 10″ x 5/8″ steel bases can be anchored to the floor using bolts, saving you time and money. Safety bollards are constructed from 6″ schedule 40 pipe and they weigh 78 lbs. Standard height for the protection bollard is 42″.

Vertical ribs protect these parking posts against corrosion, chemicals, and cracks. Handi-Ramp’s safety bollards are designed to help protect personnel and machinery.

Bollard – 42″ High
6″ Diameter
Our Price $192.62
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  • 6″ Schedule 40 pipe
  • Easy Installation: no concrete work required
  • Yellow Powder Coat Finish
  • Black Plastic Cap standard
  • Welded Metal Cap Option
  • Height – 42″
  • Weight – 78 lbs
  • Base 10″ x 10″ x 5/8″

5/8″ Fasteners Provided

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Q: Do you ship to Hawaii, or is there a dealer closer for the safety bollards?

A: We ship our safety bollards direct, even to Hawaii

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