Non-Slip Stair Tread Applications – Midwest Forest Preserve

A forest preserve in the Midwest had recently built a 300 foot long boardwalk on one of their trails to help joggers and bicyclists avoid the muddy path during the rainy months. Unfortunately all of the rain pooled on the boardwalk instead, creating a major slip and fall hazard.

In an effort to eliminate this potential risk, preserve officials began looking for a non-slip safety product to install on the boardwalk. They came across our non-slip treads on the internet and were intrigued by the option to develop a custom solution. The boardwalk was just over ten feet wide and required a product that would effectively fill up that space. Our tread specialists worked with the preserve to develop over 300 custom treads that measured 3.75″ x 120″ and would fit perfectly on each boardwalk plank. We utilized color contrasts and placed a safety yellow tread at each end of the boardwalk to signify a change in surface. All of the interior treads were powder coated black to match the wood grain.

As part of the deal, Handi-Ramp agreed to install all 300 treads over a three day period. The preserve has been very pleased with the improved security of their guests.

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