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PetSTEP Ramp Locking Brace Kit

Attach the Locking Braces underneath the ramp to lock the PetSTEP® (222K or 222G) Folding Pet Ramp in an unfolded position. For use with the PetSTEP Folding Ramp (222K & 222G) ONLY.More Details

PetSTEP Side Entry Support Strap.

Pet ramps need to be supported when used for the back seat of a vehicle. Only one corner of a ramp will rest on the back seat causing the ramp to tip. More Details


PetSTEP Pet Ramp – Pool Legs Kit

The Swimming Pool Leg Kit from PetSTEP allows your dog to use the pet ramp to enter/exit a pool. Each kit includes two 24.5” long aluminum legs with rubber feet for grip and four fiddle screws for simple installation. More Details

Free Standing Leg Kit

The Free Standing Leg Kit for the Half STEP pet ramp turns it into a self-supporting unit. Use the pet ramp with the leg kit next to your bed, by your couch or for any other application where a free-standing ramp is desired. More Details

Accessories For PetSTEP Folding Ramp and Half Step

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