HandiRamp makes it easy to find the ramps that will fit your cargo van’s specifications by using our exclusive cargo van ramp configurator. Simply enter your vehicle make, model, year, wheelbase, and roof height, and HandiRamp will sort through our standard cargo van ramps to provide you with only the ramps that will fit your vehicle. 

Enter your cargo van’s specifications and click FIND YOUR VEHICLE. The Cargo Van Configurator will return the ramps of various lengths that will fit your specific vehicle. It’s just that simple! If you do not see your van model or year listed, give us a call at 800-876-7267 and our ramp specialists will be able to select the ideal ramp for your vehicle.

Remember, we can create a custom length, width, or capacity ramp to meet your specific needs, so if you don’t see a ramp that meets your needs, call us!

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