Hose, Pipe & Cable Ramp for Pumping, Municipal and Construction

The Hose Bridge Ramp

Hose, Pipe & Cable Protector Ramp

Do you have hoses, pipes and cables running across your plant floor, or across a side-walk on your construction site? Does this interfere with production or create a safety hazard? Are you currently using plywood and 2x4s to cross this barrier? Do you have a lot of damaged hoses?

The Handi-Ramp® Hose Bridge Ramp is the solution!

Industrial Hose Pipe and Cable Ramp

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Handi-Ramp® Hose, Pipe & Cable Protector Ramp Specifications

  • This sturdy hose bridge ramp is designed for foot traffic.
  • Weight Capacity 750 lbs
  • Center channel designed for hoses, pipes or cables up to 6 inches in diameter.
  • Additional hoses can be run through the adjacent spaces.
  • The hose bridge ramp is 36 inches wide and each “wing” is 32 inches long.
  • When not in use, the hose bridge ramp folds to a box, 6 inches tall, 36 inches wide and 32 inches deep.
  • For storage two bridge ramps will nest together and take up slightly more space
  • Model – HPR

Applications for Handi-Ramp® Hose, Pipe & Cable Bridge Ramp

  • Fire Department Hose Equipment
  • Construction Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • Well Drilling Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • Oil Drilling Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment Hose & Pumping Equipment
  • Marine Hose & Pumping Equipment
  • Industrial Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • Mining Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • Municipal Hose, Pipe & Pumping Equipment
  • General Pumping Applications
  • Fire Hoses, Fire Pumps
  • Bypass Pumping, Well Point Dewatering, Site Pumping
  • Protect Well Drilling Pumping Hoses & Equipment
  • Protect Oil Drilling Hoses & Equipment
  • Protect Hoses and Hose Assemblies & Equipment
  • Protect Rubber Water & Air Hoses
  • By-Product Pumping and Hazardous Materials Clean-Up
  • Wash Water, Ground Water Control, and Water Runoff
  • Material Transfer, Clean-Out Applications
  • Sewage Pumps, Displacement Pumps, Pool Pumps

Handi-Ramp® is a specialist access solution provider in the fields of industrial & construction technologies.

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