Hose Protector

Hose BridgeHose Protectors from Handi-Ramp are an excellent way to provide protection for your cable and hose lines while ensuring a method of safe passage for vehicles. They feature a high load capacity and polyurethane construction. Interlocking sections make setup, teardown, transport, storage and multiple configurations of the hose protector a breeze.

Hose Protectors are lightweight and erosion, injury, and weather resistant. Intended for non-permanent installation only, hose ramps replace their wood and metal counterparts. Yellow caution color ensures high visibility and a diamond plate finish enhances traction on the hose protector surface. Vehicles crossing the hose ramp should have rubber tires and must have a clearance greater than the bridge height. Hose Protectors are designed to protect lines up to 6 inches in diameter. FREE SHIPPING*.

For multiple line configurations, Call to order: 800-876-RAMP (7267).

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Cable and Hose Protectors

Hose Ramp (each) 3 inch diameter


Hose Protector (each) – 3″ Line Diameter
Model #: UHB2025
23,700 lbs Capacity

Hose Protector (each) – 3.5″ Line Diameter
Model #: UHB3035
19,800 lbs Capacity

Hose Protector (each) – 4.5″ Line Diameter
Model #: UHB4045
19,300 lbs Capacity

Hose Protector (each) – 6.5″ Line Diameter
Model #: UHB5060
17,100 lbs Capacity

*An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the contiguous United States.

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  • Home or Commercial Use
  • Modular design with heavy-duty L shaped connectors
  • Easy to use and store
  • Polyurethane all-weather construction
Line Diameter Bridge Dimensions
L x W x H
Tunnel Width
Ramp Length
UHB2025 3 in 34.75″x16″x3.88″ 5.38″/13.25″ 14.75″/10.75″ 23,700 32
UHB3035 3.5 in 38.25″x16″x4.63″ 6.5″/14.38″ 16″/12″ 19,800 40
UHB4045 4.5 in 44″x16″x5.5″ 7.75″/15.63″ 18.25″/14.25″ 19,300 50
UHB5060 6.5 in 60″x16″x8.13″ 9.13″/18.25″ 25.5″/20.88″ 17,100 92

Multiple tunnel systems available (call to order 800-876-7267)

Model # Line Diameter Capacity Price Shipping
UHB2025 3 23,700 lbs $389.95 FREE
UHB3025 3.5 19,800 lbs $429.95 FREE
UHB4045 4.5 19,300 lbs $539.95 FREE
UHB5060 6.5 17,100 lbs $699.95 FREE

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