If buying is not an option due to the cost of a new or used yard ramp, renting or even leasing is a great alternative.

Leasing Does Not Require a Down Payment

Leasing, in contrast to buying or renting to buy a yard ramp, does not require a down payment, only a small deposit on the ramp. There is no collateral (other than the ramp itself) required. At Handi-Ramp, we work with a preferred leasing agent to offer you the best rates possible. To get a quote you can start a leasing application below.

Leasing Has Tax Advantages

Under certain situations up to 100% of the lease payment can be deducted from your taxes as a business expense.

YardRamp Ground To Dock

Why Lease?

100% Financing – Requires no down payment (with the exception of a modest lease deposit). The term of the lease can be matched with the useful life of the equipment.
Collateral Needs – The leased equipment itself is usually all that is needed to secure a lease transaction.
Asset Management – A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments.
Tax Treatment – Depending on your situation, leasing may provide the opportunity to deduct 100 percent of the lease payment as a business expense. Contact your accountant for counsel and advice.
Available from $10,000 to $100,000+
The lease-to-own program is one of the many options available for purchasing a new or used ramp from Handi-Ramp. You may wish to explore a third party loan from a bank to buy a ramp, however the lease-to-own program is a quick and easy way to finance your new yard ramp. Start your lease application now or call us for more information.

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