Custom Portability Options

No installation required – easily storable and transportable

When it’s necessary to build a ramp that has to move from place to place, we can help. We can build-in features such as easy to handle sections, wheels, and handles that make it easy to move and store your new ramp,

Portable Delivery Ramp in UseClient: JB Hunt
Location: Lowell, AR
Problem: Drivers were becoming injured because of lifting freight out of semi trailers in locations without loading docks.
Solution: Portable Delivery Ramp

A portable solution was desired to increase safety and efficiency for drivers making deliveries to places without dock facilities. Handi-Ramp created an aluminum portable delivery ramp that could be stored under the truck that reduced delivery times from 1 hour to 20 minutes. The workman’s comp cost savings allowed for the entire fleet of semi trucks to be outfitted with ramps.

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