Portable ramps are not meant to be permanently installed onto any surface, although many of our ramps have a transitional lip at either end with pre-drilled holes to allow anchors to be inserted.

Portable wheelchair ramps are designed with you in mind –  the lighter the ramp is while keeping its structural integrity, the better. There’s no need to have a 200lb ramp that’s a hassle to remove when there’s a more economical ramp that weighs less than half and is easier to maneuver.

While all of our portable ramps are made from aluminum and (most) have a non-slip grit surface, the underside of the ramp does not have a protective coating. This means if the ramp is dragged along the ground there is a chance of scratching the aluminum underside. This will not compromise the structural integrity of the ramp.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp Setup

After you receive your portable ramp through a common carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) please open the package immediately and inspect the contents for any damage.

When you are satisfied with the quality, simply lay the ramp in the general area of its intended position. If you purchased a single fold ramp, simply unfold the ramp as if it were a giant book. Once open, flip the rip like you would a blanket so the black non skid surface is visible.

If you purchased a multi-fold or tri-fold ramp model, there is a second step involved. Like a single fold ramp, unfold as if it’s a giant book; this will allow the ramp to expand to its largest width. Once done, there are two “legs” that need to be flipped allowing the ramp to reach its largest length. Again, just like the single fold ramp you may need to flip it so the black non skid surface is visible.

To carry a single fold or tri-fold ramp, simply fold the legs where there are hinges until no further folds can be made. Please be sure to locate the strap beforehand and secure when the ramp is closed to avoid injury. Also please be sure to locate the carry handle located on the side or bottom of the ram – this will allow for easier transportation. To carry a multi-fold ramp, you have two choices – fold the parts the same way you unfolded, being mindful of the strap and carry handle, or remove the center pin, allowing the ramp to split into two pieces, each with their own carry handle.

Regarding the roll-up-ramp, there will be straps holding the structure together. Please undo the straps and unroll the ramp to its full length and width.

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