Segway/Scooter Portable Ramps for Loading Segway HT Scooters, Segway HT

Segway HT Scooter RampHandi-Ramp’s Segway loading ramps are the perfect solution for easily loading and unloading your segway HT scooter into an SUV or pick-up truck. The ramps are light weight and easy to use, measuring in at 60 inches long when extended and 30 inches when folded in half for easy storage.

Made from strong extruded aluminum the Segway Loading Ramps have a 2 inch safety curb which helps keep your segway on the Ramp and rubberized padding on the lip to protect your bumper.



  • Strong Extruded Aluminum Ramps
  • Easy to use, hinged construction
  • Lightweight
  • Folded compact size
  • Safety curbs to keep your Segway on the Track

Model # Length Folded Dimensions Weight
(per track)
HT60SEG 60 in 4 ¼” x 9 ¼” x 30″ 9.5 lbs 450 lbs
HT78SEG 78 in 4 ¼” x 9 ¼” x 39″ 11.5 lbs 450 lbs
HT90SEG 90 in 4 ¼” x 9 ¼” x 45″ 13.5 lbs 450 lbs

Rubberized padding on lip protects bumpers

Model # Length Price Shipping
HT60SEG 60 in $299.00 $20.00
HT78SEG 78 in $399.00 $30.00
HT90SEG 90 in $499.00 $40.00

An additional shipping charge will be added for orders outside of the Contiguous United States. You will be contacted with the appropriate shipping charges for your ship-to destination.

Segway Loading Ramp
5′ Long

Segway Loading Ramp
6 1/2′ Long

Segway Loading Ramp
7 1/2′ Long

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