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Single Bar HandrailsAluminum ramps without handrails may pose a safety hazard. Handi-Ramp handrails, railings, and ADA compliant handrail systems increase your safety. Simply slide the legs of the handrails into the receiver tubes which are welded onto each ramp section.

Slippery wooden ramps are also a slip trip and fall hazard. Non-Slip Handi-Treads are a first line of defense to prevent serious injuries from slips and falls on wooden porch ramps.

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Make My Porch Ramp Safer Handi-Ramp

Handi-Ramp keeps your ramps safer.

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Handi-Ramp® Handrail & Railing Systems

High strength aluminum or steel handrails meet all ADA accessibility standards. Learn more

Handrails provide long-term safety and protection and are easy to install or remove. Railings are recommended on all ramp systems with rises of 6 inches or more, however they can be sold on a stand alone basis or as a component of any Handi-Ramp® system. Custom size and strength options are available.

Handi-Ramp® Custom Window Well Covers will fit any design of window well

  • Single Bar Handrails – provide single handrail bar, most economical option, typically installed on private homes
  • Double Bar Handrails – provide an added level of safety by adding a second support bar 16 inches below the handrail bar, typically installed on ramp systems addressing rises of less than 30 inches
  • Vertical Picket Handrails – provide maximum safety especially with small children. Recommended by CABO, all handrails addressing rises of 30 inches or more should have vertical pickets attached. Designed to prevent a small child from falling through the handrails, pickets are spaced less than 4 inches apart

Our expert staff will provide any assistance that is required. Call us at 847-680-7700.


Handi Treads

Permanent Solution for Slips and Falls. Learn more

Easy to install on any wood or concrete surface. Guaranteed to never rust or wear out. All weather protection from slips and falls.


Anti Slip Tape

Stop the Slip grit tape prevents slips and falls inside and outside the home. Learn more

Stop the Slip grit treads provide traction on slippery stairs, ramps, decks and porches where slips and falls can occur. Stop the Slip anti-slip tape material is durable and provides long lasting protection in heavy foot traffic and is quick and easy to use. Helps create a safer environment for walking, stepping and standing. No fasteners required. Can be cut to size.
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