Handi-Ramp®Double Bar Handrails

Galvanized Double Bar Handrails

Our Double Bar Ramp Railings are manufactured from galvanized EMT or schedule 40 steel and meet all ADA accessibility requirements. These railings are aesthetically pleasing, virtually maintenance free and are ideal for stairways, ramps, platforms, bridges, and machine barriers. Handi-Ramp’s double bar railing system is designed for permanent or semi-permanent ramp setups. From 4′ to 14′, each section can be used individually or as a component of a larger ramp system.

Our handrails are made in the U.S.A. and you may purchase the handrails separately without purchasing a ramp system. Additionally, double bar handrails can be designed to meet your specific mounting requirement or can be bolted to a cement pad using a mounting flange.

Double Bar Handrails
Double bar ramp rail construction provides an added level of safety by adding a second support bar 16 inches below the handrail bar. This design is typically installed on ramp systems addressing rises of less than 30 inches. Railings can be mounted directly onto the system using bolts or they can be slid into receiver tubes which are welded onto the ramp system. They are secured by bolts (standard) or quick-release pins.

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Double Bar Handrails
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Double Bar Handrails
Product Number Description *Weight (lbs)
HRDB04 4′ Handrails (One Side) 16
HRDB05 5′ Handrails (One Side) 18
HRDB06 6′ Handrails (One Side) 20
HRDB07 7′ Handrails (One Side) 22
HRDB08 8′ Handrails (One Side) 24
HRDB09 9′ Handrails (One Side) 26
HRDB10 10′ Handrails (One Side) 30
HRDB11 11′ Handrails (One Side) 32
HRDB12 12′ Handrails (One Side) 34
HRDB13 13′ Handrails (One Side) 36
HRDB14 14′ Handrails (One Side) 38
*Approximate weight
Anything over 8 feet ships in multiple sections with connectors


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