Handi-Ramp®Single Bar Handrails

Single Bar Handrails
Handi-Ramp’s Single Bar Handrail & Railing Systems are constructed of either galvanized or schedule 40 steel and help reduce slip and fall liabilities. Recommended on all rises of 6 inches or more, Handi-Ramp’s Single Bar Handrails provide a single rail bar which is our most economical option. Single bar railings are great for stairways, ramps, pools, decks, escalators, porches, walkways, platforms, bridges and machine barriers. Installation is a breeze. Simply bolt the handrails directly onto the system or slide them into the receiver tubes which are welded onto our ramp systems. Handrails are secured by bolts or quick release pins.

Single Bar Handrails
Our handrails are made in the U.S.A. and you may purchase the handrails separately without purchasing a ramp system. Additionally, single bar handrails can be designed to meet your specific mounting requirement or can be bolted to a cement pad using a mounting flange.

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Single Bar Handrails
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Single Bar Handrails
Product Number Description *Weight (lbs)
HRSB04 4′ Handrails (One Side) 15
HRSB05 5′ Handrails (One Side) 17
HRSB06 6′ Handrails (One Side) 19
HRSB07 7′ Handrails (One Side) 22
HRSB08 8′ Handrails (One Side) 23
HRSB09 9′ Handrails (One Side) 23
HRSB10 10′ Handrails (One Side) 29
HRSB11 11′ Handrails (One Side) 31
HRSB12 12′ Handrails (One Side) 33
*Approximate weight
Anything over 8 feet ships in multiple sections with connectors

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