Non-Slip Surface That Works in Water, Ice and Snow

HandiTreads Non-Slip Solutions

Non-slip Step Safety Solutions – Wood Stairways – Concrete Steps – Aluminum Steps – Factory Steps – Special Vehicles & Equipment

OSHA Approved Safety Surface for Steps – 1910.24(f)

Prevent workplace injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls with HandiTreads OSHA-approved, stair, deck, ramp, and floor non-slip safety treads. Used across a broad range of business sectors like retail, manufacturing, construction, and more, HandiTreads non-slip solutions will keep your customers and employees safe.

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Durable Non-Slip Solutions Your Business Can Count On

The surface of the HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions features our patented raised buttons, which dispel up to an inch of water, sleet, snow, ice, or debris when stepped on. Our non-slip treads are constructed out of the same exclusive material that Handi-Ramp® has been using on their ramp systems for over 50 years. The durable aluminum construction ensures that the treads will remain weatherproof and rustproof throughout their lifetime in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Easy Installation in Any Weather Condition

While other non-slip solutions like grip tape and treads require extensive surface preparation and specific temperatures for proper application, HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions can be installed in any temperature or weather condition like rain, snow, or sleet. You don’t need to wait until the snow melts, you can prevent slips and falls at any time. The treads install in just minutes to virtually any structure like steps, porches, decks, and ramps using the included color-matched screws. All you need is a power drill! Once installed, HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions do not require any further maintenance.

Prevent Slips and Falls on Stairs, Floors, Decks, and Ramps

The versatility of our non-slip tread line can be installed on a variety of structures and surfaces. Whether it be the icy steps or ramp leading up to a business entrance, or the floors of a manufacturing plant, our nonslip solutions prevent dangerous slips, trips, and falls. They can be applied to virtually any surface including wood, metal, concrete, tile, masonry, and more. HandiTreads aluminum non-slip solutions are available in multiple powder-coated colors including black, brown, gray, safety yellow, or uncoated silver to complement or contrast any indoor or outdoor surface to which they are applied.

Compare Aluminum Non-Slip Treads For Your Business

We’ve authored the definitive guide to the best aluminum non-slip stair treads at  We compare the leading types of non-slip treads so you don’t have to!

Handi-Treads Non-Slip Tread, Aluminum, Black, 36in x 3.75in, with screws

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