Non-Slip Surface That Works in Water, Ice and Snow

Non-Slip Step, Deck & Floor Skid Tread Plates

Nonslip Step Safety Solutions – Wood Stairways – Concrete Steps – Aluminum Steps – Factory Steps – Special Vehicles & Equipment

OSHA Approved Safety Surface for Steps – 1910.24(f)

Prevent accidents & injuries with Handi-Ramp® OSHA-approved, stair, deck & floor non-slip safety tread plates. They work even when wet or covered in snow!

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Non-Slip Stair, Deck & Floor Skid Tread Plate
When water is poured directly on to the non-slip surface, it beads up and runs off. This also prevents ice from building up.

Non-Slip Stair, Deck & Floor Skid Tread Plate
Handi-Ramp® unique non-slip stair, deck & floor skid tread safety plates work quite effectively even after a light snow. Featuring an all aluminum construction, these treads will never rust. Our non-slip tread strips are constructed out of the same exclusive material that Handi-Ramp® has been using on their ramp systems for 50 years. An affordable home improvement designed to insure safety and protection against indoor or outdoor stairway accidents and injuries.

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Handi-Treads Non-Slip Tread, Aluminum, Black, 36in x 3.75in, with screws

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