Built-Up Curb Ramp

The built-up curb ramp is designed and manufactured by Handi-Ramp to provide instant accessibility access at high curbs for wheelchairs, scooters, segways, carts, and anything else on wheels. This curb cutting ramp can be installed in less than 30 minutes at any curb to instantly create access and enable municipalities to meet ADA access requirements at a cost substantially below that of concrete reconstruction (curb cuts).

The Handi-Curb cut ramp features a unique non-slip raised-button surface providing unparalleled traction in all weather conditions. Our built-up curb cut ramps are available for purchase or for short term rental while waiting for a construction crew to complete concrete reconstruction. The side wings allow safe access on-to and off-of a curb. Please view sizes and specs below.

Curb Cut Ramps

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The design of the curb cut ramp complies with Section 4.7.6 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and will enable building owners and municipalities to create access for people in wheelchairs without having to schedule a construction crew or hirer contractors to pour new concrete.

The built-up curb cutting ramp is portable by design so that it can be placed temporarily at a location for a special event or until a construction crew can be scheduled. City managers have used curb cutting ramps to create temporary access in locations where a person using a wheelchair or scooter moves into a new neighborhood without curb cuts. Today, many cities have had to schedule curb cut installations far into the future due to budget constraints and logistical problems with construction crews.

Contact our ramp experts at 800-876-7267 to discuss our Handi-Curb ramp and how we may be able to help you improve public safety and meet ADA requirements.


Curb Cut Ramp
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Height 3"6"
Length 36"72"

290 lbs490 lbs
Material1/8th inch reinforced steel plate 1/8th inch reinforced steel plate

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