Built Up Curb Cut Ramp Specifications and Measurements

Curb Cut Ramp Specs
Handi-Curb-3 Handi-Curb-6
Height 3 “ 6 “
Length 36 “ 72 “
Width 96 “ 156 “
Weight 290 lb 490 lb
Material 1/8th inch reinforced steel plate 1/8th inch reinforced steel plate


Non Slip Surface Information
Cross-section view of the non-skid surface pressed into the steel plate of the Handi-Curb Cut Ramps. All of those little buttons provide traction on the curb cut ramps.

Non Slip Surface Information The surface on the Handi-Curb Cut Ramp is 1/8th inch steel plate and the buttons rise up an additional 3/32nds of an inch.



Please call us at (800) 876-7267 for more details regarding the Handi-Curb Cut Ramps.
Our sales staff looks forward to discussing our Handi Curb Cut Ramps and how we may be able to help you improve public safety and meet ADA requirements.

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