Custom Ramps

Features of a Custom Ramp – Check out images of each feature in the gallery below

Walking Surface (click here for examples):
Every custom ramp uses our unique 360° walking surface. This is the same material we use to manufacture our Handi-Treads stair treads. This material provides each ramp with unsurpassed traction in any weather.
Hand Rails (click here for examples):
We can add hand rails to any custom project. Handrails are a great safety feature and are required on some ADA compliant accessibility ramps.
Portability Options (click here for examples):
Sectional Construction: When you need it, we can build your ramp in sections that fit together easily without tools. This kind of construction makes it easier to transport your ramp to a new location or store your ramp when it is not needed.
Wheels: For ramps that require frequent repositioning, wheels can sometimes be your best option.
Carry Handles: Ramps that are sectional or mobile are easier to deal with if they have a convenient hand-hold built into the design.
Levelers (click here for examples):
Levelers come in handy on ramps that are temporary in nature. If there is settling or shifting of the ground under the ramp, it can be adjusted to compensate.
Unique size and shape to suit your situation (click here for examples):
If you can imagine it, chances are we can build it. Our in-house consultants will turn your idea into a reality.

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