Custom Walking Surface for Ramps

All of our products can be made with our exclusive patented 360° raised button walking surface. This is the same material our award-winning Handi-Treads are made of. It’s an all aluminum surface composed of a raised button pattern that won’t peel or need to be replaced like temporary paints or glued-on sandpaper.

Client: Duke Energy
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Problem: Transporting Sea Turtles up a Treacherous Bank at a Beach for Testing in an Environmentally Sensitive Area
Solution: Aluminum Sectional Ramp System
South Bay Power Plant wanted to install a ramp system for accessing a beach to test sea turtles. The bank from the beach up to the roadway is steep and treacherous and is located in a bird sanctuary which is an environmentally sensitive area. Handi-Ramp designed an aluminum sectional ramp system with handrails.
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Client: United States Penitentiary
Location: Marion, IL
Problem: ADA Compliance Needed for Administration and Visitors Building
Solution: Custom Concrete Deck Access Ramp
The United States Penitentiary contracted Handi-Ramp to construct an ADA compliant solution for their Administration and Visitors Building located in Marion, IL. The custom ramp solution featured full length vertical picket handrails and a U shaped design. Assembly for the ramp took approximately one day due to the system’s size – (71 Ft. with Multiple platforms).

Client: Loyola University
Location: Chicago, IL
Problem: Loyola University Chicago purchased an older building that needed to become ADA compliant
Solution: Non Slip Ramp System
Handi-Ramp designed and built a ramp system that had to fit within the building space, satisfy the ADA regulations and blend into the architectural theme of the building and the neighborhood. For added safety the walking surface was coated with a non-slip paint.
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