Custom Ramps for Material Handling and Industrial/Commercial Applications

Client: Trim Joist
Location: Columbus, MS
Problem: Needed a covered ramp for unloading lumber from semi trucks to warehouse.
Solution: Custom steel portable platform ramp with roof
A covered ramp was needed for unloading lumber from a semi trailer into a warehouse with a forklift. The client requested a roof be built over the ramp to protect the lumber from water. We created a 20,000 pound capacity ramp with a platform and a roof. Additional design features included two dock levelers and curbing and handrails on exposed sides.


Client: JB Hunt
Location: Lowell, AR
Problem: Drivers were becoming injured because of lifting freight out of semi trailers in locations without loading docks.
Solution: Portable Delivery Ramp
A portable solution was desired to increase safety and efficiency for drivers making deliveries to places without dock facilities. Handi-Ramp created an aluminum portable delivery ramp that could be stored under the truck that reduced delivery times from 1 hour to 20 minutes. The workman’s comp cost savings allowed for the entire fleet of semi trucks to be outfitted with ramps.
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Client: Sky Climbers
Location: Delaware, OH
Problem: Building two story wooden ramps for forklifts
Solution: Reusable forklift ramps and platforms
Sky Climbers is a manufacturer of hoists, rigging solutions, and modular work platforms. They were seeking to eliminate the need and waste from constructing wooden forklift ramps for individual projects. We engineered a double ramp and platform system out of steel that could be reused for multiple locations and projects.


Client: Duke Energy
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Problem: Transporting Sea Turtles up a Treacherous Bank at a Beach for Testing in an Environmentally Sensitive Area
Solution: Aluminum Sectional Ramp System
South Bay Power Plant wanted to install a ramp system for accessing a beach to test sea turtles. The bank from the beach up to the roadway is steep and treacherous and is located in a bird sanctuary which is an environmentally sensitive area. Handi-Ramp designed an aluminum sectional ramp system with handrails.
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