Non-Slip Stair Treads – Colors & Sizing

If you perform a Google search for a non-slip product and look at the different sizing options, you won’t find many. Why? Because many companies believe that one size (or a few sizes) fit all. We disagree with this notion.

Handi-Ramp currently offers a variety of tread sizes, each with five finishes (plain aluminum, anodized aluminum, powder coated brown, powder coated black, and powder coated safety yellow) – designed to accommodate your specific parameters and aesthetic.

Anodizing is a process whereby the aluminum surface is treated to produce a more corrosion-resistant, durable exterior. The finish retains its aluminum base color but has an airbrushed quality to it.

Powder coating is applied to our colored treads instead of paint, endowing the aluminum surface with a hard, gritty finish that is tougher than traditional paint. Our powder coated treads are available in brown, black, and safety yellow.

If you don’t see a standard option that fits your dimensions, we are happy to develop a custom solution for you. Our team of engineers will work with you to determine the optimal size and color that will work best.

Please browse our selection below for a complete list of the standard treads we offer:

30″ Non Skid TreadsMore Details

48″ Non Skid TreadsMore Details

Non Skid StripsMore Details

12″ Non Skid PadsMore Details

36″ Non Skid TreadsMore Details

48″ Non Skid TreadsMore Details

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