How to Order a Sliding Door Threshold Ramp Kit

After you’ve collected the measurements from your sliding door threshold, you’ll use them here to determine the dimensions of your ramp. When choosing from the drop-down menus for each of your ramp pieces, make sure to select each measurement to the next inch from what you collected. For example, if your indoor threshold measures 3.5 inches in height, select 4 inches for your indoor ramp section height. This will ensure that your ramp will fit and function correctly.

Let’s Get Started!

You’ll begin by navigating to the Sliding Door Threshold Ramp product page on where you will use your measurements to select each of the three parts of the ramp. Here are your step-by-step instructions.

Add Your Dimensions for the Perfect Fit

First, you’ll use the indoor threshold height measurement to select the height of the indoor ramp. 

Next, you will select the crossover bridge, which is the platform that bridges the two threshold ramps together. You will use the door opening width measurement as well as the threshold gap length measurement to select the right crossover bridge. 

Finally, select your outdoor ramp height by using the outdoor threshold height measurement.

Watch This Video

This video outlines how to select each piece of your sliding door threshold ramp so that it will properly function with your sliding door threshold.

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