How to Select the Right Rubber Threshold Ramp for Your Home and Loved Ones

What is a Rubber Threshold Ramp?

Threshold ramps are essential for homeowners whose loved ones use wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, or other mobility devices. Rubber threshold ramps are used to bridge the gap between the ground and the height of a door threshold in order to allow people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices to safely pass through the doorway. Besides door thresholds, rubber threshold ramps are versatile in that they can also be used with curbs, raised landings, and more.

How Does a Rubber Threshold Ramp Compare to Other Threshold Ramps?

The majority of threshold ramps are constructed of either rubber or aluminum. While the ramps have the same purpose, there are advantages and disadvantages of rubber threshold ramps when compared to others on the market.

Advantages of Rubber Threshold Ramps

  • Can be easily cut by a homeowner for an exact fit. This is essential for door jambs that are more ornate or odd corners that may prevent a flush placement of a threshold ramp. All you need is a utility knife to cut the ramp.
  • Because they are made from recycled tires, rubber threshold ramps are often more affordable and much more environmentally friendly than other ramps. 
  • Rubber threshold ramps on the other hand are freestanding, meaning they are extremely easy to install (no drill needed) and can be moved and used with a variety of doorways and structures. 
  • Rubber threshold ramps are very durable with a maximum capacity of 850 lbs or more which supports mobility devices, furniture, appliances, or other heavy equipment. 
  • Since they are constructed of rubber, they will never rust or corrode. 
  • They are naturally slip-resistant since they are made out of the same tires our cars use to grip the roadway. 
  • The rubber of the ramp naturally conforms to the surface it is placed on, meaning it can be used in a variety of applications like cement, stone, tile, carpet, etc.

Disadvantages of Rubber Threshold Ramps

  • Rubber threshold ramps are durable and have a large weight capacity, which means they can be quite heavy and sometimes difficult to move. 
  • They are not always fit for year-round use. If you live in a location that receives snow during the wintertime, snow and ice may cover and adhere to the rubber threshold ramp. 
  • Snow and ice also drastically decrease the non-slip surface, making it unsafe to use in some winter conditions. It may also be difficult to clear the ramp with a snow shovel if the ice or snow is clinging to the ramp. This can, however, be avoided by bringing the ramp somewhere indoors before a snow or ice storm. 
  • Because the rubber threshold ramps are easy to cut for an exact fit, they can also be damaged by snow shovels in the winter. 
  • Even though it is very versatile and can be altered to fit a wide variety of doorways and structures, the rubber threshold ramp is often not the best choice for sliding glass doors because most rubber ramps will not cover the tracks of the sliding door. However, there is an aluminum threshold ramp made specifically for sliding doors.

Which Rubber Threshold Ramp is Right for You?

When selecting a rubber threshold ramp for your home, it is important that the ramp meet all of your needs. While they all have the same goal, rubber threshold ramps can vary in size, usage, construction, and installation. The Safepath and EZ Access® rubber threshold ramps sold by HandiRamp are made of 100% recycled rubber tires and are the perfect solution for creating a smooth and safe passage through thresholds or up to raised landings.

Safepath EZ Edge™ Rubber Threshold Ramp

Once installed, the Safepath EZ Edge Rubber Threshold Ramp creates instant accessibility on each of the three sides leading up to the door threshold. Because it creates 3-sided access, the threshold ramp may arrive in two parts depending on the size ordered. When installing, align the two straight edges of the ramp to create one solid piece that is accessible from the left, right, and middle of the ramp. As outlined in the installation instructions, the rubber threshold ramp should be attached to the ground using an adhesive. The ramp can also be cut to fit any door threshold. The EZ Edge Rubber Threshold ramp is ADA compliant and designed for both residential and heavy commercial use and has no limits on weight capacity. It has the highest anti-slip rating on the market and comes with a 10-year warranty for your utmost satisfaction.

EZ Access® Transitions® Angled Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp

The EZ Access® Transitions® Angled Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be installed on any surface type including wood, concrete, stone, carpet, tile, etc. The edges of the ramp are beveled to ensure a smooth transition through the threshold or up to a raised landing. The ramp is available in two heights: 1½ and 2½ inches, and has an 850 lb capacity, so it can accommodate a variety of mobility devices like wheelchairs and electric scooters. The installation instructions for the ramp outline how to easily install the ramp using the included hardware, as well as how to best cut the ramp (if needed) to fit your doorway. The EZ Acess Angled Rubber Threshold Ramp also boasts a lifetime warranty in your home.

EZ-ACCESS angled Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp

EZ Access® Transitions® Modular Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp

Like the Angled Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp, the EZ Access® Transitions® Modular Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp has an 850 lb capacity as well as a lifetime warranty. Because it is a modular ramp, this 48” wide threshold ramp is very versatile and can be used alone (at the 2.5-inch height) or in conjunction with a second threshold ramp (at the 4.75-inch height). To use two ramps, simply install the rubber threshold ramps side by side to accommodate wider entrances. This modular entry ramp kit includes two rubber threshold ramps as well as two risers. The risers can be combined with the threshold ramps in order to reach taller thresholds or raised landings. If purchasing the singular ramp at the height of 2.5 inches, additional risers can be purchased to increase the height. As outlined in the installation instructions, the Modular Entry Rubber Threshold Ramp can be installed indoors or outdoors by using screws to safely fasten the ramp(s) in place. 

EZ-ACCESS modular rubber threshold ramp