Selecting Capacity for a Portable Ramp

Portable Ramp CapacityOur portable ramps offer four different weight capactities, 500lbs, 600lb, 700lb, or 800lbs.

When choosing your capacity, ask yourself this question: who will be using it? A mother or father utilizing a walker or wheelchair? Will someone have a stroller with them, or possibly a power scooter? Say the person is in a wheelchair (non powered) and must be pushed up; you must take into account the weight of the wheelchair, the person in the wheelchair, and the person pushing them up the ramp. Having too much weight per axle could cause the ramp to buckle and/or crack.

Our roll-up-ramps are a bit different due to the various sizing options. Weights will range from 13-98 lbs (again depending on the width and length of ramp chosen).

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